A blend of medical care and massage treatment, Medi Spa therapy uses therapeutic sessions along with Thai, Organic, Kerala and Ayurvedic massages. Yoga and meditation are also integral to this therapy.

Ananta Medispas is a cosmetic dermatology clinic that offers the best skin treatment in udaipur. We offer a range of medical and cosmetic skin care treatment programs for both men and women. Located in udaipur, we have a plush and luxurious treatment area to meet the comfort needs of our customers. Our advanced treatment techniques, hands-on approach to skin problems, and clinic’s calming ambience makes us one of the best skin clinics in udaipur. At Radiance Medispas, we strongly believe that beauty of a person doesn’t depend on the skin tone, but on the skin health. So, we offer the best skin treatment in udaipur at highly affordable prices. Whether you want to go for skin polishing treatment

While yoga by itself can alleviate a number of problems, it is particularly effective as a complement to other forms of health care, both alternative and conventional. Studies suggest that, yoga therapy can lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for people with cancer and also facilitate faster recovery after bypass surgery. In clinical trials, many patients with asthma, type II diabetes, or high blood pressure who began a regular practice of yoga were able to either lower their drug dosage, or eliminate some pills entirely. Less medication means fewer side effects and sometimes, very substantial cost savings.
As no two people are alike, list of therapeutic practices are designed based on each individual’s physical, mental constitution and their health conditions.

Ananta spa udaipur Medispa Cliniq is committed to provide healthcare of the highest standards to the community with honesty and fairness; upholding and respecting the patient’s rights, beliefs and need for confidentiality.

To provide the private sector and patient population residing in udaipur and RAJASTAHN and neighboring States with the highest quality healthcare, through leading medical professionals using the most modern procedures and technologies.

which is now the most successful Spa chain in Udaipur . “Medicure”, the latest addition to the product range of the brand, brings the benefits of therapeutic essential oil blends & potent herbal extracts together to offer complete physical & psychological wellbeing without side effects.

A Medifacial is completely customized for each client, which means whether it be regular skin maintenance or to enhance normal skin or solutions for dark uneven skin tone, tanned skin and fine lines. The active ingredients will renew your skin and give it a glowing complexion.

Anti-aging Medifacial

Our Vitamin enriched facial is food for your skin. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is a treat when readily absorbed and along with the exfoliation property of the diamond polish, will cleanse your outer layers from dead cells and deliver nutrition to your support structure. all in 60 minutes or less.

Skin lightening Medifacial

A complete and extremely effective skin lightening treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. The gentle peel, incorporates the traditional method of active ingredients to lighten skin and increase cell renewal. The procedure is often further boosted for deeper exfoliation and lasting results.

Teen Clean Medifacial

This facial is very effective at ridding your skin of oiliness and bacteria with a cocktail of ingredients specifically designed for teenage skin. This peel is the best thing for the acne-prone. Our treatments infuse healthy habits in young people and enable them with good skin care for many years to come.


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