Signature Thai Therapy

Ananta Spa Udaipur is three-dimensional massage starts with massaging the dry pressure points that work on your legs and feet to stimulate and reiterate your body’s natural rhythm. Our experts then incorporate stretches for your entire body to leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and energized on all three levels.


Balinese Therapy

This traditional massage, adopted from Bali is a form of deep oil massage that is designed to nourish the skin and relieve almost every tense muscle in the body. The therapist will use a variety of techniques, including acupressure movements, such as pressure points, palm pressure, standard massage techniques like sliding, long and short exploration, and kneading. This therapy resonates a nourished and rejuvenated body.


Aroma Oil Therapy

Ananta Spa Udaipur  traditional Thai massage coupled with our natural blend of aromatic herbal Thai oil, uses exacting pressure strokes, rhythmic muscle relaxing techniques, and rolling techniques over the whole body to give your senses a spellbound experience. It is suitable for anyone who is particularly stressed, needs invigorating or balancing, or those who just appreciate a treatment using firmer pressure amalgamated with a comforting body aroma.

Why should you choose to get an oil massage?

It is considered therapeutic and relaxing for both body and mind.

Helps work out knots and relieve flexed and tensed muscles.

Improved nourishment of your skin, leaving it moisturized.

Enhances blood circulation.


Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

Ananta Spa Udaipur therapy is performed with a sensitive herbal compress composed of numerous aromatic traditional Thai herbs, tightly bound in a fabric which is steamed until piping hot and firmly rolled to soothe deep muscle aches and release tension. Analogous to a hot towel compress as a gist, this therapy is used to can address chronic problems such as back pain, headaches, as well as increased blood flow improving circulation and hence stimulate nerves endings

Ananta Spa Udaipur

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