Spa in Udaipur

Spa in Udaipur
Spa in Udaipur


Spa in Udaipur

At Anantaspaudaipur, our spa therapists have created a soothing oasis that will embrace all your senses. This tranquil setting is immersed in a philosophy of attuning the whole person to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth.

Here you’ll discover time-tested spa treatments and healing rituals that harness the gifts of nature, offering a year-round menu of seasonally inspired therapies that bring renewal and transformation with every breath you take.

Massage Therapy

The use of aromatic essential oil as an integral aspect of body therapy helps to heal and alleviate pain. Pick your favorite from our aromatherapy collection to bring in maximum benefit to your body & soul.

Recharge Back Therapy with Healing Basalt

Hectic schedules can wreak havoc on the body and the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. Recharge with our thirty minute intensive back massage, designed to release tension and promote relaxation.

Classic Balinese

Balinese body massage is great for relaxation, to alleviate muscle tension and soreness The massage is deep and skillfully carried out using our signature blend of oils.


Gentle relaxing massage that uses custom blended essential oils personalized to address your specific needs. Let the essence of plant pep-up your body and sooth your senses.

Tranquil Swedish

Swedish massage that relaxes the muscles of the body and stimulates mental and physical relaxation through rhythmic touch.

Slim Side Therapy

This unique treatment is designed to burn extra calories and highly recommended for complete detoxification. Please refer the link Slim side for complete information.

Gem Stone Massage

A unique massage therapy which uses freely rotating gemstone crystal spheres that provides amazing pressure to release muscle tension and clear blockages through acupressure. Highly recommended to bring in complete relaxation and very effective to relieve aches and pains caused by muscle tension.

Restorative Deep Tissue with Basalt Stones

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Helps loosen muscle tissues & release toxin. The treatment is amplified by using heated basalt stones specifically designed to relieve muscle tension and bring in deep relaxation.

Healing Basalt stones with Chakra Balancing

This treatment blends the therapeutic properties of heated basalt stones with Swedish massage techniques to deeply penetrate tight muscles, improve circulation and promote a sense of well-being. Stones are placed on the chakras to balance the energy.

Hot Lava Shells Therapy

Smooth lava shells are heated from the inside by combining natural ingredients of minerals, sea kelp, algae and salt water. Their seamless glide over your body creates a synergy of warmth and deep relaxation.

Four Handed Massage

An exquisite massage treatment performed in a synchronized fashion by a team of two masseurs working as one. This massage popularly known as “four handed” treatment has multiple health benefits, including muscle tension relief, improved circulation and detoxification of the immune system. You can choose between Classical Balinese or AromaFusion